Our Projects


In February – March 2021, Morvern Community Woodlands asked our membership for feedback on our priorities for the next few years. This was done through an online survey. A total of 58 members responded to the survey. The results can be found here:

Following the survey, the trustees took some time to discuss the results and consult other members of the community. Following this, we have decided to prioritise the following areas for the next few years:

  • Achnaha Woods: we will focus on maintaining and improving the path infrastructure, buildings and silvicultural management in the area we own
  • Education and training in woodland-related skills: we will Identify and support opportunities for encouraging the nursery and school groups to use the woods and look for additional opportunities
  • Support woodland protection and expansion in Morvern: we will raise awareness of the amazing woods on the peninsula and look for ways to support their protection, working with other community groups and landowners
  • Support provision of access to woodland in Morvern: we will look for ways to maintain and improve the path network in Morvern, working with other community groups and landowners
  • Focus on the essential tools we own and sell items that are not useful for the core aims: we own some heavy machinery, specifically a forestry alpine tractor, a grapple loader and a mobile sawmill. The tractor and grapple loader require special training and certification to use, which has a cost we have not been able to find funding for. We will sell this equipment, locally if possible, to members of the community who will be able to use it on the own woodland projects.
  • Continue with existing events and support other events in the woods: we will continue to organise the annual pensioners’ firewood and easter egg hunt in the woods and facilitate the use of the woods for other events


An inventory taking and reorganisation of the tools owned by Morvern Community Woodlands is in progress. Details can be found on the tools page here.