Our Woods

Morvern has outstanding native woodlands, part of Scotland’s Rainforest, described to us by an expert botanist as “stuffed full of rare and interesting species”.

We own Achnaha Wood, a mature 8 hectare woodland on the Sound of Mull with paths, a woodland shelter and a large shingle beach. The wood is popular with residents and tourists alike. A small area of the woodland is ancient and some typical rainforest species can be seen here.

In 2017, with the help of Movern Community Trust, Alasdair Firth and Ben Averis produced a short book on Morvern’s ancient woodlands: “Into Morvern’s Woods: the Ancient and Native Woodlands of the Morvern Peninsula”. The book is available for purchase from us for £12 (including postage and packing); all proceeds from sales go towards our work. Contact us to purchase a copy.